Welcome to Khanh Tran for Congress District 17 Information Center FEC ID No. C00640607

Our campaign will accept donations for the 2018 primary election. We started our voters reach out campaign to introduce our candidate. We are reaching out to more than 160k registered voters by their cell phones. We also started our surveys and polling questions with our voters outreach mobile ads program, and providing the poll results on our site. Candidate Committee F1N ID C00640607 and FEC F2N ID H8CA17097 - Stay tuned for broadcast of our campaign themes. Find out who endorses our campaign. We plan to use Internet webcast to provide our constituency and the public with information about our campaign issues and platform. You can also find us on Twitter. We will schedule regular broadcasts daily during campaign period. Together we will work to provide a catalyst to reinforce our Democratic Party foundation and political platform. Our era has certainly changed and integrity is everything these days. Hardship facing our public schools and communities require a candidate who is strong minded and will not quiver under pressure. Valor is needed to protect individuals, businesses, and our communities; and provide equal opportunity and fairness regardless of our differences. We need affordable housing for millennials and retiring seniors; protect jobs for working families. New laws are needed to unionize the high-tech industry, federal programs to develop life-deeded affordable homes for purchase at a quarter (1/4) of market price for you and your family. Whether you are a senior wanting to sell your existing home to live out your retirement; or you just got a job and want to start a family, the housing proposal for government subsidized housing will help your dwelling and give you a peace of mind. Protect and support seniors, uphold rights for LGBT and DACA constituents; defend and provide for the helpless and homeless; push a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and their families who have found their entire lives living and contributing in America. My candidacy also means investing and supporting space technology, recycling nuclear waste to fuel new traveling wave reactor as America energy source, desalination of seawaters and building waterways to our cities and creating jobs. Vote this election if you agree with me and the issues brought. I am honor if you join me and visit www.KTforCongressCAD17.org to learn more about our campaign. Our campaign theme http://www.ktforcongresscad17.org/themes/themev22.mp3

Donation to:
Khanh Tran for Congress CA District 17
385 Linkhorne Court, San Jose, CA 95133
Contact: (408) 272-4234 Email: khanhtranassoc@gmail.com